Forgiven—A unedited easter post

Tim Bergan
2 min readApr 4, 2021

Recently I’ve been dwelling on the cross and christian theology. This came from an essay I’m writing about what makes someone “good” and what makes someone “bad” in relation to Cormac Mccarthy’s novel The Road. In my essay I’ve concluded that we can’t determine if someone is morally “good” merely by their actions; because if we do, we must determine that everyone is bad. So we must look to something else. In my essay I argue that it’s someones motivation that determines if they are “good” or not. I am not sold on this argument. According to Christian theology none of this actually determines someones worth, according to the cross all of it has been forgiven: our actions, our motivations, everything. According to the cross our debt has been paid and we are free of the bondage of sin.

I have mixed feelings about this. You may be think, “What is he saying? That sounds like good news!” I know. It is good news, but it also seems incredibly unfair. How can I, in my sin, continue to be forgiven for a sin that isn’t going away? Will I ever be accountable for this sin?

I hate sin, I want it gone, yet somehow it continues to reappear in my life day after day. Will God continue to forgive me day after day without end? I intend to rid myself of this, but it always comes back in my weakness. It feels unfair to be constantly forgiven for something that is 100% my fault.

I think thats just the incredible power of Jesus. He has redeemed us from the dirt, and he continues to push us higher and farther, when we deserve so little. It’s when we realize the weight of our sins when we can truely realize the power of the cross. It is kinda perfect timing that this essay started to be formed right when I fell so hard.

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness”

– 2 Corinthians 12:9

Anyways I’ma go meditate on the intentionality of Jesus, and his creation and how he loves us even when we don’t deserve it and HOPEFULLY find this key that I lost in my house.

Happy easter everyone!

He has risen.

Song recommendation of the day: Where were you by Ghost Ships