Meeting with God

Tim Bergan
3 min readApr 8, 2020

I think there are always better ways to meet with God. You can always be more engaged you can always waste less time and it can always be more real.


I think the answer comes in many forms. This can be achieved by asking friends, watching people, and listening to podcast are all great ways to get ideas on how to meet with God.

However I think the solution is simpler than that. Imagine asking God to help you engage more in the scripture. Or to help give you a passion for prayer? How excited would he be to answer those prayers. I think in general God holds back on answering prayers for various reasons: It’s not the right time, it’s not good for you, etc. But if you want to meet him more and get on fire for Jesus I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t fulfil those desires. Then again I am not God so take every thing I say with lots of salt. Be forwarned though: This does not come without effort on your part, he wants to meet you partway in this.

Here’s a little testimony from me. Last year around october I decided I wanted to read the bible. The whole thing. The problem was at that time I had never read a single full book of the bible. I tried but I always got super bored, I hated it. But I wanted to do it, so every morning I would wake up, sit outside with my bible open it up to Luke and pray that God would give me a desire to read this book, I would read as much as I could handle, close it and try again the next day. I did this for a while and it was crazy to see how many opportunities show up. I was invited to read the bible with a group of people and we decided together that we wanted to read the whole new testament. So we joined a plan. This was great because now I was forced to read the bible. God is faithful.

Basically throughout that year God would meet me in the bible, often when I as struggling with something or going through something I would open my bible and it would relevant to my situation. I remember weeping because I opened my bible once to Job 23 just as I felt like I had lost God and wasn't hearing from him. So powerful.

Fast forward to one year after I started praying those prayers to be passionate about the bible: I am currently in a bible school that reads through the bible 5 times writing our own commentary on it. God is faithful to answer prayers.

However I am not done, nor will I ever be. I’ve learnt that I dislike prayer as well, so I’ve started praying that God would help me have a desire to pray. I’ve begun to wake up once a week and pray with my roommate for an hour and a half. It’s a work in progress but I am getting their. I am currently also praying that I get consistant in my time to be with the Lord in devos, writing blogs, prayer etc.

I want to encourage the readers that if you come across this blog it’s not by coincidence, it’s because God wants to meet you, and I know that it might feel like it’s hard to find God, but he is out there and he is waiting. I’d encourage you if you are reading this to simply pray that God would meet you, then dedicate some time to waiting on God. I will put one really obscure tag on this post so it’ll be hard to find, assuring you guys on how it actually was God. And don’t think that you saw it for any other reason I’ve had no one read my blog so far.